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THE GELETT BURGESS CENTER is pleased to announce the Gelett Burgess Young Writer’s Scholarship for high school seniors and college students wishing to pursue careers in writing.

Scholarship recipients will receive funding covering full admission to James Patterson’s Master Class, a program consisting of 22 (one-hour) video lectures covering the art of writing. In addition, winners will receive a collection of writing resources and reference materials to enhance their learning experience.  (Scholarship value $250)

Applicants MUST provide the following information in hardcopy:

(1) One letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or instructor

(2) A brief statement outlining your career goals as a writer (200 words or less)

(3) Three writing samples consisting of any materials you have produced during your course of study (article, class writing assignment, short story, etc).

Download Gelett Burgess Scholarship Fund for Young Writers form here

Submit your package in hardcopy to the Gelett Burgess Center
by Jan 15th, 2016:

Gelett Burgess Center
c/o Nicholas Beatty
908 NE 53rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97213

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