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Jim Carrey – “How Roland Rolls” Jim Carrey’s book, “How Roland Rolls,” taught kids the lesson of humanity and won an award in 2013.

Funnyman Jim Carrey made the good times roll with the children’s book “How Roland Rolls,” published in 2013.

The book tells the story of a wave named Roland who thinks he is just a wave and is afraid that his life will be over the day he hits the beach shore.

Teaching kids a valuable lesson of humanity and a sense of belonging, the book won the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award in 2013.

Pharrell Williams turned his hit song “Happy” into a children’s book.

Pharrell Williams put smiles on kids’ faces everywhere when he turned his hit song “Happy” into a children’s book.

But the producer and songwriter isn’t the first celebrity to pen books for young readers.

Here are six others who have written for children:

Whoopi Goldberg – “Sugar Plum Ballerinas” Whoopi Goldberg released a book series for children inspired by her friends and family.

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg penned a children’s book series called “Sugar Plum Ballerinas” in 2008.

Inspired by her own friends and family, the series tells the tale of six little girls from different backgrounds that attend a ballet school in Harlem.

The personal book series includes the names of her daughter, granddaughter and Hollywood friends, S. Epatha Merkerson and Debbie Allen.

LL Cool J – “And the Winner Is…” Rapper LL Cool J wanted to teach kids a valuable life lesson with his book titled “And the Winner Is…”

Ladies Love Cool James wanted the kids to love him when he penned a children’s book part of the series Hip Kid Hop titled “And the Winner Is…” in 2002.

The book, published by Scholastic, teaches the lesson of having good sportsmanship to third- to fifth-graders while with the story of a young basketball player who learns the importance of both winning and losing gracefully.

The book received rave reviews and gives a little extra treat to readers – a CD of original recordings by the Queens-born rapper.

Madonna – “The English Roses”

Madonna’s children’s book, “The English Roses,” was a huge success in 100 different countries.

International superstar Madonna added author to her extensive resume when she published “The English Roses” in 2003.

Illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari, the picture book follows the lives of five London school girls who become friends after getting over their differences.

The book was a huge success and was published in more than 100 countries in 30 different languages.

Will Smith – “Just the Two of Us” Like Pharrell, Will Smith turned his hit song “Just the Two of Us” into a book for kids.

Will Smith’s “Just the Two of Us” became an anthem for parents when it was released in 2005.

Smith used lyrics from his hit song to create a children’s book that its publisher, Scholastic, called an “ode to fatherhood” — painting positive images of a bond between father and son.

Artist and illustrator Kadir Nelson’s vibrant paintings can be found in the book for PreK to third grade readers.

President Barack Obama – “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters”

President Barack Obama found the time to write a children’s book back in 2010.

On top of holding meetings with world leaders and running the United States, President Barack Obama still managed to find time to write a children’s book, “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters,” in 2010.

Illustrator Loren Long used the likeness of First daughters, Malia and Sasha – and First dog, Bo – as the cover art for the book.

The publisher, Knoph Book for Young Readers, described the book as “a moving tribute of thirteen groundbreaking American and the ideals that have shaped our nation.”


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