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Summer is a wonderful time to explore your community, spend time together as a family, and discover new books you didn’t have time to read earlier in the year. The Gelett Burgess Center provides our annual list of award-winning titles in an effort to help parents, teachers and librarians navigate the thousands of books published each year, getting to the best books straight away.

Here are some fun resources from this year’s winners

1. Tyler Makes Pancakes – By Tyler Florence

Tyler Florence takes food seriously, and he thinks both you and your children should know where the food you are putting in your mouth come from. That’s why he created the Tyler Makes series where each book explores the ingredients we use to make the food we love. Check out this video with Tyler and award-winning illustrator Craig Fraizer as they discuss the new book series.

2. Eric Delabarre’s Saltwater Taffy

Eric Delabarre has written a swashbuckling children’s adventure story called Saltwater Taffy. First of all, the book makes for perfect summer reading, so get your copy today! In addition, the author is sponsoring an essay contest inspiring kids to get their creative juices flowing with ideas for the sequel! Check out the contest here.

3. Summer is for Discovering Nature

Gelett Burgess Award-winning author John Fusco wrote Little Monk and the Mantis, a beautiful book about a boy, a bug, and the birth of a Kung Fu legend. The stunning illustrations by Patrick Lugo make us wonder just what do you and your kids know about the amazing Praying Mantis? There are many resources about mantids available, but first check out author John Fusco’s video here.

Enjoy your summer!

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